Studio Masterclasses

April - June 2018


ZEN•GA®   Masterclass

Date : Saturday 28 April 2018
Time : 09.30 – 11.00 hrs
Cost : £20.00
Instructor        : CJ


ZEN•GA®  is a unique mind-body modality that fuses elements of Pilates, Yoga, Martial Arts and Meditation into a series of flowing movements.

Energize both your body and mind with this fluid but powerful Masterclass and feel how the  ZEN•GA®  method brings strength & control to the body and peace to the mind. 

This masterclass includes all components of fitness training – the pace will rev up the cardiovascular system, the fluidity of the sequences will enhance flexibility, and the controlled stationary holds result in improved total-body strength.

In 90 minutes discover how  ZEN•GA®  increases your fascial fitness making it powerful accompaniment to your Pilates practice.


Reformer & Stability Chair Challenge Masterclass

Date : Saturday 19 May 2018
Time : 09.30 – 11.00 hrs
Cost : £20.00
Instructor        : CJ


It’s your opportunity to put your stability, strength and endurance to the test.

We're bringing you a fresh new total body workout on the Reformer & Stability Chair.

You'll work from the inside out as you put your core strength through its paces and challenge yourself for a whole 90 minutes of Pilates progress.


Pilates with Props Masterclass

Date : Saturday 16 June 2018
Time : 09.30 – 11.00 hrs
Cost : £20.00
Instructor        : CJ


We are going back to basics in this Matwork Pilates workout incorporating small props which include the fitness circle, flex band, foam roller and small stability balls.

Adding props changes the dynamics and focus of an exercise, making your brain and body work harder helping you to feel it more clearly. 

In the class you will lengthen, strengthen and tone your muscles whilst improving joint mobility, optimising endurance and challenging your coordination. 


Please note:  All Masterclasses are an Intermediate level workout.  Not suitable for injury or pregnancies.

Only 8 spaces are available per session, and are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis, and your place is only confirmed when payment is received ... 


So please ensure you email Louise at to secure your place and ONLY when you receive your confirmation email from her, make payment to:-

Sort Code: 20-06-75          Account: 13857131          using your full name as reference


Please note:  If you cancel a Masterclass, no refund will be due and the session will not be transferable.